Tami Friday during meditation treatment

Property Clearing

“Our boys have been playing in the basement for the past 5-6 days; they usually always wanted one of us down there. Big shift there! We certainly feel a more expansive energy in our home and are very grateful for that. It has felt more harmonious as well. Thank you again for such powerful service!”
Jenny H.

Property Clearing

“The property energy clearing worked just as I’d hoped and the things you picked up on really blew my mind. I’ve already referred you to some loved ones. It was going on 2 weeks with our house on the market and we hadn’t had any offers, which in this market was really concerning. Since your clearing, we had two showings Monday, 5 showings Tuesday and received an offer Wednesday. We accepted it, now just waiting on the inspection. I do really feel your clearing helped. Thank you for all your help.”
Chloe M.

CranioSacral Therapy & Reiki

“I have seen shamanic healers, psychics, and mediums for insight and healing over the past few years. Tami was able to powerfully assist me in all ways. I left more aware of the role my ancestors play in my life, and a powerful block in my womb center was removed during the session. My menstrual cycle began again after seeing Tami, after not having one in nearly four months! She was so patient with all my needs and took time to address all my concerns. A true intuitive and skilled practitioner. Booking with Tami is a decision I highly recommend!”

LMT & BodyMind Coach

Energy Blast Healing for Pets

“I do want you to know how much I appreciate you helping my little man! Diego is a 9yr old Boston Terrier and my world! He has always had a clean bill of health and then one night out of the blue, he started having a seizure. I rushed him up to the vet hospital and by 4 am he had another one. By 6 am he was no longer able to breathe on his own and his lungs had filled with fluid so he was intubated. This was so heartbreaking!

Once he was able to have the breathing tube removed, he still couldn’t hold oxygen on his own and was required to stay in an oxygen chamber as his little body was trying to heal. This is when I reached out to you with a broken heart, searching for any kind of help. I’ve seen you post about energy healing blasts on people and I asked if it could be done on animals as well. Thankfully, you said you would give it a try and I’m grateful that you did because I believe it helped him get over that hump to be able to come home and heal. I cannot thank you enough for all you did for him!”

Amy F.

Energy Blast Healing

“This morning I woke up with tennis elbow in both arms, knee achiness and my left foot pain I normally have everyday. Tami did a distance session for 15 minutes—easy and short—and when it was done, I did not feel any of the pain. This was my first experience with this and wasn’t sure if it would work but thought 15 minutes to relieve the 50 year old body pain was worth a try. At the same time, I was able to relax for 15 minutes out of my day. I was pretty amazed. Now to get back to work. I’ll bet I last longer doing things I need to get done today!! Thanks Tami.”
Vicki D.

Property Clearing

“Tami recently did a house clearing for me. My dogs were acting up for no sound reason, there was some slightly putrid smell in my home that happens when negative “ick” is around. Perplexed, I reached out to her for assistance. We discussed the issue and had quite an extensive conversation about it. She said she would get on it and for me to keep observing the next week or so. Tami worked her energy fabulousness and even sent me a detailed report on what she picked up and what she did to help alleviate the situation via email! Within days, the smell gone and the dogs back to their normal goofiness. I must say I am impressed! Not just with the results, but with Tami is professional, logical, compassionate, and studious. She also has a sense of humor that I enjoy as well! I will definitely be working with Tami in the future and highly recommend her services! Keep rockin it!”
Ann S.

Remote Energy Healing

“I have known Tami for over a decade. She is an amazing healer and energy worker. I have been using her distance energy healing recently with great results. Tami is an incredible human being focused on helping others; her kind soul and intuitive spirit guide her healing work. I have worked with a number of energy healers and she is among the best! An excellent array of packages and options makes it easy to benefit from her skill no matter where you are.”
Beth R.

Online Classes & Events

“I actually meant to reach out and thank you for the Chakra Meditation the other night! I’ve had Reiki done a couple times and had a super positive experience every time, however, I can’t say I’ve ever felt such an intense rush of energy like I did the other night, even from a distance! I was supposed to have a therapy session prior to the meditation that was cancelled last minute so I was kind of in a funk and was thinking about skipping the meditation… I’m glad I didn’t! It was exactly what I didn’t know I needed. You had said after you felt energy from others for the solar plexus and heart chakras, these are the two that I intensely felt. So again, thank you so much for this amazing experience that continues to give as I reflect on it more. The more I learn about and experience Reiki the more I support and am amazed at its healing powers. I will keep an eye out for your email updates and check your website regularly for workshops and events, you are so great!”
Emily D.

Energy Blast Insight Reading

“I’d never done something like this before and found myself lost and confused with my situation doing what I have always done, so I thought it was time for something new. I’ve become really interested in learning what different holistic healing practices are like and the impacts they can have on people. I read Tami’s testimonials and thought “why not?” and I am super grateful that I did this for myself.

I’ve always struggled with self confidence and can be very indecisive as a result. I believe this self-confidence holds me back from taking risks when it comes to pursuing my interests because I am too afraid of the hypothetical “what if’s”. Tami was soooo easy to talk to and made me feel super comfortable right from the start. Because of this, I was able to be open and share my truths with her. The feedback she gave me was so what I needed, but also authentic and genuine because she wasn’t just telling me what I wanted to hear. Since then, I am able to view my issues from a different perspective that is now backed with at least some degree of self-confidence! What a beautiful feeling.

She’s really good at making analogies so that you can better understand how to apply the teachings beyond the session. I thought this conveyed her true empathy and listening abilities because I had never met her, yet she was able to express her findings in such a way that I could relate based off just a couple minutes of talking! Such a pleasure to meet Tami, and looking forward to seeing her in the future, will be booking again soon.”


Energy Blast Healing

“I feel great today. I attribute it to your healing, through the remote energy blast healing session. I was having a really rough time before. Now I’m good.”

Sarah K.

Remote Energy Healing

“Truly enjoyed the 3 week MAP healing energy team lessons with Tami. She presents the information in an easy to understand manner and is very open to answering your questions. Including the book and a flower essence with the fee was greatly appreciated. I look forward to applying these tools for my healing journey!”
Jeri J.

Online Classes & Events

“My life has been going in so many positive directions and I know it’s because of the work that I’ve been doing with you through these manifestation classes and the weekly meditations. The exercises that you do keep me mindful when I start to get negative.”
Angela S.

CranioSacral Therapy

“A series of events left me with debilitating back and nerve pain. I heard about Tami Friday and her CranioSacral work. After my practitioners blessing, I went for my first treatment and it has proven to be the catalyst I needed. While I am still striving to get back to all the activities I once enjoyed, I feel that I have found the treatment I need to move forward. The work Tami does is infused with Reiki but the real healing is that I now have hope. These treatments have made a difference in my health and wellness. Thank you Tami!”
Mary S.

Remote Energy Blast

“Tami is awesome! I had a Remote Energy Blast and could really feel the effect. I have worked with many energy practitioners but never tried distance before. It was every bit as effective. Tami was completely on target with her assessment and offered a number of suggestions for things that were new to me, even though I’ve done work in this area before. I am very impressed and already planning for regular sessions. Thank you, Tami!”

Beth R.

Distance Reiki

“I was in Disney World when suddenly my left knee started with a sharp pain and I had difficulty walking. I contacted Tami for long distance Reiki and felt some relief immediately. By the next morning the pain was virtually gone and I was able to walk the entire day at another Disney Park without any problem! I would highly recommend Tami!.”

Kim C.

CranioSacral Therapy

“CranioSacral has been one of the most transformative and powerful modalities I have ever experienced-and I’ve tried them all! Over the course of 24 hours following my CranioSacral session, I notice some kind of release within my body. Truly-it’s amazing how something so subtle can be so powerful! Each session leaves me feeling relaxed and open. I strongly suggest that everyone try this modality, but give it at least 3 sessions to optimize your experience.”

Lisa Mohr

Author, Speaker, Thought Leader on Positive Perspective

CranioSacral Therapy & Reiki

“As a massage therapist I am always looking for new ways to ease pain. I found that the combination of CranioSacral and Reiki really did the trick for me. I will definitely be returning in the future.”

Andy Vyvyan

Owner, Nelipots Mind and Body Rejuvenation

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