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Tami Friday conducts her property clearings using a combination of dowsing and both psychic and mediumship abilities. Dowsing is a divining practice used to detect and cure energy in our environment created by disturbances to energy flow that can cause stress in our bodies and in our homes. Dowsing has a long history of thousands of years and, like any art and science form, requires much practice and skill to become proficient. Tami uses her psychic abilities to glean information about subtle energy patterns and uses her mediumship abilities to connect to spirits and/or entities in order to negotiate harmonious coexistence.

Below are working definitions to help you to better understand Tami’s property clearing process and what is all involved in your comprehensive property clearing.

What is it?

The goal of a property clearing is to leave occupants feeling their best and functioning their best. A Property Clearing is the process of making a living or working space more comfortable by removing and clearing the non-beneficial energy within it.

Oftentimes a buildup of this non-beneficial energy can contribute to feelings of anxiety and depression or even physical ailments. Tami Friday LLC does a thorough remote clearing, not just of the property, but also of the main occupants, land, vehicles, etc. Tami Friday LLC also treats geopathic stress that may impact you and your property. If you are building a home or business, a land clearing is the process of removing non-beneficial energy from the land itself to start you off with a great foundation energetically. This may even help the build itself go more smoothly.
For your convenience, all property clearings are done remotely (over distance) on the day you schedule your session and complete the Intake Form. Just as you can be calling a person 500 miles away on your cell phone, energy clearing over distance is the same way. Tami Friday LLC provides you with a findings report after the Property Clearing or Land Clearing.

A property clearing is not necessarily a one-time occasion, for the same reason we brush our teeth or bathe regularly. Nonbeneficial energy can seep in over time. This is more likely after changes like an emotional upheaval like divorce that affects the occupants or a physical change such as remodeling or major storm. But even the day-to-day stresses and the energy
residue that it leaves, can impact the energy of your property over time. For this reason, Tami Friday LLC offers periodic recheck sessions, but even better, offers Property Clearing Memberships (which are more frequent and automatic to address any detrimental energy shifts before turning into worsening symptoms).

For properties greater than 4,000 square feet, please contact me with your unique needs. If you are a realtor, contact me with your special needs. If you are a business owner, contact me for your unique needs.

Who is it for?

This can be ideal for anyone who works or resides on a property. Renters, landlords, business owners, employees, home sellers and buyers, realtors, business property owners and even RV owners would be just a few examples. If you plan to build a home or other building structure, a Land Clearing is highly recommended to give your property a good energetic foundation. It may even help the build go more smoothly. (If doing a land clearing, a property clearing after the build is highly recommended to address factors created by the build itself, such as negative Curry and Hartmann lines and interference lines.)

Special note for home sellers, realtors and landlords: Home buyers often make the decision to buy a home based on “how it feels” when they step inside. Optimize that “good vibe” of your home on an energetic level to increase buyer response.

“I just liked it.” A 2013 survey by Commonwealth Bank revealed that 44 percent of Australian buyers paid more for a property because they “really like it.” Oftentimes, our gut feeling drives us in a more powerful way than our logical side. Though you may have little control over potential buyers’ emotions, you can eliminate any “bad vibe” influence in their decision-making with a Property Clearing.

What are the components of a Property Clearing?
Below are Tami’s working definitions to help you to better understand my property clearing process and what is all involved in your comprehensive Property Clearing.

  • Blessing:
    All property clearings include a blessing of the property and the land to honor all who have lived and used the land in the past and in any timelines and dimensions.
  • Spirit or Entity:
    From Tami, “Part of my job is to enhance the co-harmony and co-existence of us here on the planet.” If any disruptive spirits or entities are discovered, they are gently sent on their way to an improved level of development and healing. It has been said that sometimes deceased loved ones make themselves known as a greeting (items moving, electronics turning on/off, etc.) and other times, it may be a spirit that does not understand why you are in their space and may feel threatened (just as you may feel threatened if a stranger walked onto your property). A spirit is defined as human or animal energy and an entity is defined as an energy that is not human or animal.
  • Portals:
    Portals are energy doorways that are typically neutral, neither good nor bad. Though, as is the case with doorways, both wanted and unwanted energy can enter an open doorway or portal. During property clearing, all portals are gently closed.
  • Hexes:
    If someone in the past or present put a hex or ill intention on the property area or inhabitants, this may impact the inhabitants in your home.
  • Energy Imprints:
    These are simply emotion or thought forms that linger in a space. We typically cannot see them, but we can often feel them and they affect our mood. Energy can linger after an event, especially if emotional and highly charged. If you have ever heard the expression, “The tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife”, the tension experienced is leaving an energy imprint that can be felt.
  • Geopathic Stress:
    Sometimes we unknowingly build on land with powerful energy areas and sometimes the energy can periodically shift on or around a property. These energy areas can affect humans, animals and even plants in beneficial, neutral or detrimental ways. During a property clearing, these are delicately balanced and/or neutralized to improve the health and harmony of all living occupants.

    • Land/water anomalies: Sometimes the property is above an underground water source, cavern, fault or even different soil types. Underground water and other soil anomalies can generate energy that may impact the mood or health of the occupants.
    • Hartmann Lines: represent the flow of Earth’s natural electromagnetic field and typically run North to South, East to West. Normally, these are harmless, however, when Hartmann lines connect with an electrical source within a framed structure, they turn detrimental.
    • Curry Lines: are similar to Hartmann lines except they run on the diagonal of Hartmann lines. Cross points of Hartmann and Curry lines, especially when in the influence of electricity, can carry heightened detrimental effects.
    • Interference Lines: These are caused by electromagnetic energy created by human technology. Some examples include microwave ovens, cell phones, computers, antennas and satellite systems. They also can be caused by natural disturbances or frequencies from past events such as divorce. These create emotional scars in which the frequency distortions impact us.
    • Personal Zones: This is like an interference line except that it affects you personally and individually. People will have personal zones that are unique to them. The more time you spend in an area with a personal zone, the more it will affect your body’s energy or chakra systems.
    • Positive Vortexes: These are spiraling energy and create an enhancing flow of energy. These are great to have on your property, especially for meditating, creating or working. Though if you are sensitive, it may be too energizing for you, depending on location. You do not want one of these over your head while sleeping, for example.
    • Negative Vortexes: These are the opposite of positive vortexes and create a draining or depleting energy. They can also result in a lot of clutter and chaos in the area in which they are located.
    • Ley Lines: Just like the human body, the earth has it’s own energy grids, called ley lines. These include Meridians and Chakras. Negative vortexes are created when ley lines intersect at an angle other than 90 degrees and from other energetic and physical phenomena.
My property is clear, now what?
  • Signs to Look For:
    When your property is cleared, some people notice it immediately and some may take some time to notice a difference—typically about 7 days or so. Depending on your sensitivity, what you can look for are improvements in overall mood, improved sleep, and improved health. For some, it is subtle and others it is quite dramatic! If you have companion animals, they may change their behavior by spending time in different areas of the property than they did previously. Even plants, both indoors and outdoors may show growth changes.
  • How to Keep Clear:
    To keep your property as clear as possible for as long as possible, the best thing you can do is take good care of all the occupants. Self-care, both physical and emotional, can really go a long way!
    Sometimes the energy can periodically shift on or around a property. For example, a fault line may shift deep underground or an underground river may change its course over time. New energy portals may pop up. New cell towers may be erected. You may add new appliances or electrical devices over time and this, too, can shift the energy in your home. Often your day-to-day stresses can accumulate and affect the energy on your property, just as dirt and dust get on your vehicle as you drive every day. For this reason, periodic Recheck Sessions of your property are very helpful. And even better, Property Clearing Memberships are a way to automatically and regularly keep your property cleared. Property Clearing Memberships are akin to having a regular housekeeping cleaning service—except that your home or business is energetically cleaned. Refer to the Membership link on the Schedule Page for details.
  • What are Recheck Sessions?
    Tami Friday LLC offers these Recheck sessions to keep your property maintained with optimal energy flow to benefit you and all the occupants of your property. During Recheck sessions, all the above components will be checked remotely and any component that needs further attention will be cleared. How often, you might ask? Tami recommends at least every 6 months or sooner if you experience any significant change to your life or your property.
    A remodel, major storm, new occupants, emotional upheaval such as divorce are some examples. Recheck sessions are only offered for properties that have had either a full Property Clearing or a Recheck session within 6 months. If your property has had neither a Property Clearing, nor a Recheck session within 6 months, a full Property Clearing is required. If you are interested in a Property Clearing Membership in which Tami regularly and automatically Rechecks and clears your property, please see the Membership link on the Schedule Page for details. This membership is ideal for those who want to maintain an optimal environment with minimal effort.

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A 24-hour cancellation notice is required, failure to do so may result in a cancellation fee (100% of the service cost). Late arrivals may result in a shortened session to accommodate the adjoining appointment. Full payment for service will still be required.


A 24-hour cancellation notice is required, failure to do so may result in a cancellation fee (100% of the service cost). Late arrivals may result in a shortened session to accommodate the adjoining appointment. Full payment for service will still be required.